Education & Technical Training for our workforce.

I will support and improve our education system & technical training for our workforce in Colleton County. As an incentive to promote our growth for new corporations to come to Colleton, we will give our workforce the required education or training that they will need to be successful.


Infrastructure Master Plan for I-95 exits in Colleton County.

I plan on working hard for our future growth, development, and investments in Colleton County. My master plan will build up our exits to connect them and help grow Colleton with an entertainment complex that will attract more business into Colleton County and entertain our current residents with all types of activities that a family can enjoy. 


Utilize more of Colleton County’s assets.

I will keep our workforce here in Colleton County working by using our own citizens, equipment, and local contractors instead of out sourcing and contracting to out of town companies.


Stronger Public Safety.

We most support and stand with all of our Public Safety here in Colleton. It’s sad that most all our Public Safety Personnel here in Colleton County have to work a second job just to pay their bills. All of our county employees are paid below average salaries compared to the surrounding areas. I will work hard to find these men & women a much needed increase in their salaries.


Sound Budgeting.

I will find a balance in our budget that is more acceptable to our residents so that wasteful spending does not happen on things that we don’t need.


County Road Improvements.

I will continue to work with our Transportation Committee to ensure our residents get the repairs done that has been desperately needed for years.

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