Elect Nate Bristow
for Colleton County Council

 I, Nate Bristow, am running as a candidate for County Council to bring a fresh new voice to Colleton County. I hope to receive the opportunity to help shape the future of all families in our community.

As a successful small business owner in Colleton County, I understand the importance of creating jobs for our workforce and growing our economy to help people succeed within our county. As a father and husband of four children, I am invested in the future success of Colleton County. Not only do I own a business here, but I am also involved in many local organizations. I am a volunteer firefighter for Colleton County Fire and Rescue, a volunteer coach for Colleton County Recreation & Walterboro High in Soccer, Football, and Baseball, a dedicated member of the local Elks Lodge, and I serve on the Colleton Transportation Committee. I have been an honored recipient of the following awards: Firefighter of the Year, Elk of the Year, Wreckmaster “Top Ten”, and the American Towman’s “HERO”.

Focus of Service if Elected to Colleton County Council:

  • Education & Technical Training for our workforce
  • Infrastructure Master Plan for I-95 exits in Colleton County
  • Utilize more of Colleton County’s assets
  • Stronger Public Safety
  • Sound Budgeting
  • County Road Improvements

If elected as a member of Colleton County Council, Nate Bristow will continue to be a dedicated advocate for this community focusing on making Colleton County a great place to live and helping our businesses thrive.

Vote NATE…Tomorrow’s looking GREAT!!!


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